92 9” FoRd “FLange axLe” ReaR ends I quit narrowing & welding rear end housings 30 years ago. Plenty of people are good at it. For Floaters I use Speedway Engineering. For flange axle housings I use Dutchman with great results. We do NOT sell the base rear end that Dutchman offers. They have to cater to a lot of different people. So they offer a base rear end and lots of upgrade options. We order all of our rear ends with upgrade options. Package Includes:  HD Street & Track 9” housing  Built to your specified width & Pinion Offset  Billet housing ends installed  Completely assembled with bearings, studs, & retainer plates  Housing stud, nut, bolt & vent kit Plus these Upgrade Options:  Install Drain Plug & Deluxe Filler  Upgrade axles from 1541 steel to 4130 Chromoly Steel  Tapered Big Bearing / Timken Super Set 20 Axle Bearings  Machine Access Holes (for housing end bolts) in Axle Flanges RST #4250-K $1025 Choices:  5 on 5” Bolt Circle  1/2” x 2” NF Studs  5 on 4-3/4” Bolt Circle  1/2” x 3” NF Studs  5 on 4-1/2” Bolt Circle Target Dimensions: A - Wheel Mounting Surface to Wheel Mounting Surface: ___________________________” * Take into account if you are using brake rotor hats … and their thickness … or if you’re using rotor flanges that mount on the back side of the floater hub & don’t affect the WMS-to-WMS measurement. B – Driver Side WMS to Centerline of Pinion: ___________________________” C – Passenger Side WMS to Centerline of Pinion: ___________________________” B & C dimensions define your pinion offset. Many production cars are offset ½” to the passenger side. Some are centered. You need to measure. In race cars, we often offset the pinion as much as the engine, which could be 1”-2”. The example below shows B & C as 4” different, which is a 2” offset. This is just an example. AutoX Rear Ends