9 Will you need to buy a tech service & measure your car for these packages?  For packages level 1-4, yes, Tech Service #24 or #40 is required  No production car from the 50’s to the early 90’s comes from the factory with the suspension mounts exactly mirrored from side to side. None. Nadda. Ever.  The factory production tolerances are 1/4” on every point & they add up  We typically find the cars do not handle the same left & right because of this  So after you measure, Ron outlines minor changes to match up the sides  While we’re there, if you’re game, we might as well make a few improvements  When modifying the lower control arm bucket holes, Ron will guide you on how to match them up … and how to get some improvement as well  The exceptions are C5, C6 & C7 Corvettes as they are within .030” & need zero modification Why should I do this measuring & LCA bucket hole corrections?  So the car will handle consistently left & right  To increase stability under hard braking & initial corner turn in  To increase grip … front grip primarily … but total grip overall  To make the turn better … and carry more corner speed … comfortably What about replacing the factory clip or the whole chassis? Ron designed the suspension geometry for Speedtech’s new ExtReme front frame & suspension packages as well as their full chassis. The geometry & performance of these are on par with our TA2 Track-Warrior front suspensions … and they BOLT ON ! Where available, these are awesome performing Autocross packages:  No need to measure your car for these packages / The geometry is already optimum  Level 5 utilizes the Speedtech ExtReme front suspension & rear torque-arm package with a Ron Set-up & “Secret Sauce” valved shocks tailored to your goals  Level 6 adds Zero Stiction ball joints, watts link, 3-piece rear sway bar & floater rear end  Level 7 utilizes the Speedtech ExtReme front suspension with a Track-Star TA2 3-Link Suspension with double adjustable panhard bar & floater rear end  Level 8 utilizes the Speedtech ExtReme front suspension with a Track-Warrior TA Decoupled 3- Link Suspension with Quik-Adjust watts link & floater rear end Can you track the AutoX-Star & AutoX-Warrior stuff on road courses?  We do not recommend it with the Level 1 AutoX-Star packages o The spindles, hub bearings & flange axle rear ends were not made to handle the high G- force loads of road courses o Especially Level 1. It is a safety concern  Level 2 AutoX-Star & Level 3 & 5 AutoX-Warriors are better o These packages do have better spindles & bearings, but still run flange axle rear ends  All Track-Star & Track Warrior packages run good spindles & hubs with floater rear ends o These are designed up to the task of the high G forces seen on road courses Key Information