87 A. Each ExtReme frame is Jig welded in Speedtech’s manufacturing facility in St. George, Utah, USA. Individual frame rail components are laser cut and CNC formed to ensure consistent close tolerances and are tab- through internally gusseted construction for superior strength. Includes all factory based mounting points for an easy bolt-in installation. B. ExtReme frame rails and crossmembers are designed to allow the most available ground clearance with aggressively low ride heights. Run-through, large tubing exhaust ports along with our custom headers keep the entire exhaust above the frame rails. C. ExtReme CNC formed tubular transmission cross member works in conjunction with engine mounts to help achieving optimum pinion angle. The adjustable cross member allows a wide range of mounting positions that allows near any GM engine and transmission combination. D. ExtReme tubular control arms are CNC cold formed and precision TIG welded for superior strength and consistency. They feature ultra high clearance profiles for more steering angle, additional built in caster and camber gain geometry, billet stainless cross shafts with adjustable caster shims, Delrin bushings and performance ball joints. E. Ron Sutton re-designed ATS ExtReme front spindles allow any C5/C6 Corvette based caliper to bolt directly on. Rear brakes are based on the 9” Ford axle with Torino housing ends. These types of mounting bosses allow a wide range of brake options from Wilwood & StopTech. F. Sweet Road Racing Rack and Pinion steering systems are standard with all ExtReme chassis and subframe packages. Rack and pinion offers precision steering with a quicker feel and better feedback in a lighter weight package. G. Exclusive to the ExtReme suspensions are race tuned, three piece splined sway bars. This allows each individual chassis or subframe to be custom fit with sway bar spring rates specific to your vehicle and driving style. H. Ridetech single adjustable & triple adjustable shocks are available with Ron Sutton Secret Sauce Track-Star valving. JRI Triple Adjustable Shocks are also available. I. Better than any other Pro-Touring spindle, the Ron Sutton re-designed forged 7075 aluminum ATS ExtReme spindles offer reduced KPI/SAI angle, max Ackermann, virtually ZERO bump steer, up to 30 degrees of steering angle, low scrub radius, heavy duty C7 Corvette hubs, and C6 based caliper mounting. Ron Sutton designed geometry in all ExtReme front subframes & full frames are the key to the grip, high-G cornering, amazing turning & winning performance. Equal to performance of our Track- Warrior TA2 front suspensions. J. A great match to the ExtReme front suspension, is Speedtech’s Torque Arm rear suspension. This design offers easy ride height, roll center, pinion angle, instant center & wheelbase adjustability. The panhard bar features low reaching slots on each side for a high grip/low roll center & fine tuning. K. Speedtech Performance’s exclusive Articulink design allows smooth suspension travel without the bind that plagues rigid trailing arms. Standard equipment on all ExtReme suspensions, Articulink control arms are adjustable for correct pinion angle, instant center and wheel location. L. Exclusive to ExtReme full frame suspensions is the option of a splined rear sway bar. Not only can you order your choice of bar spring rate, the arms have three end link mounting positions for fine tuning the bar to your specific vehicle. M. ExtReme full chassis systems include a 9” Ford axle housing, large bearing Torino style housing ends and 31 spline axles. Front Clips & Full Frames