84 Autox-star control arms & Shock Mounts I love the Ridetech StrongArm control arms for my clients multi-purpose cars doing street-track- autocross. They’re beefy, well designed, add caster over stock arms & utilize Delrin bushings for super low stiction. All good things for grip & turning. As I designed all my new AutoX & Track suspension packages over the last 2 years, I wanted a few more features, more caster, screw in ball joints & higher shock & spring motion ratio. So I went to Bret Voelkel at Ridetech & asked them to build a line of Control Arms for me. I think they turned out Awesome. AutoX-Star Control Arm Features:  Beefy 1.25” DOM Construction & Delrin Bushings  MORE Caster – 9° as they bolt up / You can adjust them up or down 2°  Screw In Ball Joint Cups allow us to Utilize Howe’s Big & Small Chrysler Racing Ball Joint Bodies ... and ANY Howe Ball Joint Studs We need.  The Much higher Motion Ratio provides better shock control & GRIP  The Lower Shock Mounts are OUT THERE - 4.5” from the LBJ – Look at the Photos I wanted a taller upper shock mount to allow shocks that use monoballs instead of studs. And they needed to be moved inward. This still requires some of the outer portion of the Factory upper spring bucket to be cut away to clear the coil-over shock & springs new location. Not just a bolt on. Requires some fabrication, like a few things in the AutoX packages.  The cool AutoX-Star Upper Shock Mounts will bolt in place … up to your UCA mounts … for location purposes only. They have to be welded in.  There are no sway bar mounts – so you can weld on the mounts for a 3-Piece front sway bar  The arms are unpainted, so for welding. Then paint them whatever color you want. We do not sell the AutoX-Star control arms & shock mounts as a stand-alone product. Only with a RSRT Suspension Package or Tech Service where we know the geometry & companion components are complimentary as a package. Control Arms