83 Front Spindles & Hubs When I first started doing custom spindles for Pro-Touring, Autocross, Track Day Cars & Sportsman Racers in 2013, I brought a LOT of the technology & features from my Racing background, such as:  Slotted & Slugged Steering Arms for Quick, Secure Steering Ratio Changes  5/8” Thick T1 Steel for the Ultimate Rigidity & durability  High Quality 1045 Steel in Larger Diameter, Shorter Spindle Snouts for Less Deflection  Strong Wide Mounts to Eliminate Brake Caliper Brackets Shearing Off  Stepped In Steering Arms to Achieve Higher Ackerman (Key to Inside Front Tire Grip)  Beefy Hubs with thick flanges to elimate wheel flange deflection & therefore wheel deflection  Timken Race Bearings with High Load Ratings / 2900# & 1800#  Aluminum dust caps – No stamped steel dust caps to pry off & hammer on!  The seal bores have been precisely sized for the seals to “Slip Fit” so they can be removed … bearings inspected, greased & put back together … without destroying the seal every time.  Seal held in with 3 small flange head screws, just like we do in high end pro-level race cars.  I designed custom ball joint mount heights for each car. As I did these for both modified production cars & Track-Warrior front frame & suspension packages I saw a trend. After three years & hundreds of applications I saw we could get the geometry for each application with ONE SPINDLE & just ball joint stud changes, if I made the spindles exactly X, Y & Z. We did. Now, we make this one spindle in two variations … GT front steer & GTR rear steer. I can achieve any geometry I want for production car suspensions & Track-Warrior Front Frame & Suspensions. The big advantage for you ? Cost! What used to cost $3000+ for a set of custom spindles & hubs … now with volume production, a pro level road racing spindle & hub package costs only $1799 RST #1232-K GT Spindle & Hub PKG 5x4-3/4” BC $1799 RST #1234-K GT Spindle & Hub PKG 5x5” BC $1799 RST #1232-RK GTR Spindle & Hub PKG 5x4-3/4” BC $1799 RST #1234-RK GTR Spindle & Hub PKG 5x5” BC $1799 * Hub Centers are 3.06” / If you already have wheels, bore the Centers to 3.08” ($50± locally) ** 5/8” Chromoly Studs are Installed / 1/2” Chromoly Studs are $39.99 Extra Spindles & Hubs