82 Front Spindles & Hubs The ATS Tall Spindle from Speedtech has been the standard bearing for replacement spindles in the Pro-Touring world for quite some time. I like it as well. The C7 SKF Heavy-Duty bearings … same as the C6 ZR1 HD SKF bearing except no wheel speed sensor … are much stronger than the bearings from most production cars. They still are not as strong as I’d like to see for high g-Load fast road course use. They DO FAIL over time. Most of us have seen them. So if you go this route, inspect them every so often & replace them when you get excessive play. The C7 bearing is a lot less expensive to replace … around $125 each. The ball joint pad height & the ball joint geometry is good for a lot of cars. Not all, but a lot. Ride height plays a role in this, because this affects the height of the UCA & LCA pivot heights. Sometimes we need more distance between the ball joints to get the roll center right. And what works best is to put the lower ball joint even lower. With most any common spindle we can, use different Howe ball joint stud lengths to get the ball joint centers (the pivot point of the suspension) where we want them. But there is only so much length change we can do with ball joints. That is where the the new ATS ExtReme Spindle from Speedtech comes in. When I designed the suspension & steering geometry for all the Speedtech ExtReme clips & frames … I started from a clean sheet of paper. I didn’t use any parts from their old stuff & no parts that fit any cars. Frankly, the geometry in those clips & frames are very close to my TA2 racing front suspensions. The grip & turning ability on track matches it as well. When I looked at their ATS Tall Spindle, I liked it … but I wanted some improvements. So I moved the LBJ pad down. I’m not saying how much, but it’s significant and a key to achieving the geometry I wanted. Then I started from scratch on the steering arm, dropping it & twisting it outward for a LOT more Ackerman, which is key to grip on the inside front tire. ATS Spindle Options: RST #1240-2 ExtReme ATS Spindles, C7 Hubs & ExtReme Steering Arms $2148 RST #1241-2 Tall ATS Spindles, C7 Hubs & A-Body Steering Arms $1578 RST #1242-2 Tall ATS Spindles, C7 Hubs & G-Body Steering Arms $1578 RST #1243-2 Tall ATS Spindles, C7 Hubs & FX-Body Steering Arms $1578 Spindles & Hubs