81 Front Spindles & Hubs I almost didn’t make brakes for the GM A-body, F-Body & X-Body spindles & Ridetech Dropped AFX Spindle. The outer hub bearing is only rated at 917# of thrust loading. (Side load from cornering). That was fine when those cars had G70-14 bias ply tires & achieving .8G was a dream. But these days, Pro- Touring cars & Autocross cars are pulling 1.4G+ on 200TW tires. More on road courses So the Timken Bearing Engineers & I came up with a super duty outer hub bearing that:  Fits the GM A-F-X & Ridetech Spindle Snout  Is Rated at 2540# of Side Load. That is not a typo. Almost 3X as strong  Is available at everyday parts stores like NAPA, Autozone & O’Reillys  It does cost twice as much … $18 instead of $9 each … chump change with what’s at stake This bearing does not fit any common automotive hub. So I designed new hubs from a clean sheet of paper. My famous saying is, “while we are here” … that leads to making every little detail better. These hubs are almost worth the price of the brake kits by themselves. Here are the features I designed in:  Super Thick wheel mounting flange & big radius on the back side of the flange for better support, to keep the wheel more true to the spindle snout. Less camber change!  ARP ½” x 3” Wheel Studs + Timken races & bearings = The Very Best  Practically no wheel offset change from Factory  Aluminum dust cap – No stamped steel cap to pry off & hammer on!  The seal bore has been precisely sized for the seal to “Slip Fit” so they can be removed … bearings inspected, greased & put back together … without destroying the seal every time.  The seal is held in with 3 small flange head screws … just like we do in high end pro-level race cars.   Oh … and the outer hub bearings are rated at 2540# side load … not the scary 917# OEM. In the Ron Sutton Queue for 2018: Bad Ass Hubs Like These for 70-78 Camaro/Firebird / 73-77 GM A-Bodies / 63-70 ALL Fords Spindles & Hubs