80 Front Spindles & Hubs Since the car’s front grip is the biggest key to going fast when it comes to turning corners, like we do in autocross & on road courses … the spindles & hubs … are an important part of the total equation. They play a HUGE part is defining the geometry of the front suspension  The distance of ball joint pads … and therefore the ball joints themselves from the ground is defined by the tire diameter & spindle design. Ah … wow! That’s a big deal.  When I work out optimum geometry packages for clients, the choice of spindle plays a big role in what geometry & grip I can & can’t achieve.  The KPI plays a big role in the tire’s scrub radius & camber changes  The steering arm helps define how much Ackerman the car has, which affects grip on the inside front tire.  Lastly … safety is a big concern on these spindles, hubs & bearings from 60’s to 80’s muscle cars. They were never designed to handle the grip & load forces we achieve these days with big, soft sticky tires, advanced suspensions & monster brakes. The engineers thought these cars would never get close to 1G. We’re pulling 1.4G to 1.8G these days. I have found five (5) aftermarket spindles I use often. Listed in order of cost, starting with the least expensive:  Ridetech Dropped AFX Spindle  Speedtech ATS Tall Spindle  Speedtech ATS ExtReme Spindle  RSRT Track-Star GT Spindle  RSRT Track-Star GTR Spindle The Ridetech Dropped AFX Spindle is a heck of a bargain at only $400 a pair. They’re made with much better steel alloy than the factory originals. And the improved ball joint locations help to achieve pretty good geometry & grip. Two concerns with these Spindles:  If we create too much grip, the small spindle snout will flex & we see camber fluxuation.  The outer hub bearings are ridiculously small & vastly over loaded. Solutions:  We simply need to limit how much tire size we are utilizing with these spindles. I think 275 is Max if your suspension has good grip.  The new Super Duty Hubs I designed for my StopTech brake kits cure this issue 100%. The hub itself is stronger & the outer bearing has almost 3 TIMES the side load capacity!  Unfortunately they are only available with StopTechBrakes, but the hubs make the brake decision almost a no brainer. RST #1030-2 Ridetech Dropped AFX Spindles $400 RST #1030-K Ridetech Dropped AFX Spindles & Tru-Turn System $1050 Spindles & Hubs