7 When you buy parts & tech services from Ron Sutton Race Technology, you are working with me. I’m involved in all the car builds in a hands on way. Working with me will be a little different than most of your buying experiences. Some bad, because we are a small operation, but mostly good. First off … I don’t think of you as a traditional customer & me as a retailer ... where you buy product & that’s the only time we talk. I think of you as a “client” … and that relationship is more personal, more involved and broader than just the parts & services you purchase. I keep three files on your car. One contains every email we send to each other so I can refer back to details we talked about. The second is a computer folder with all of your photos, designs, geometry, dimensions & tech reports. The third is an actual manila folder with all of my hand written notes & print outs from our conversations. Unlike calling any retailer … and getting a different person each time … or even if it is the same person, they’re trying to remember details about your project … I get to know a LOT about your project. As we have talked, I’ve gotten clear on how you plan to use it & what your goals, objectives & sacred cows are. And obviously, I know a lot about your set-up, because I’m helping you create it. So when you call me for advice & guidance I’m up to speed … or can be quickly … as such, I am able to help with most performance aspects of your car build or rebuild. I hope you buy your car building parts from my company when it makes sense to. Know I’m not going to BS you about things I don’t know, nor sell you anything you don’t need. But one thing is for sure, if it is performance related … engine, trans, diff … aerodynamics … safety … chassis, suspension, brakes, etc. I’ve got 35 years, hundreds of wins, a couple hundred car builds & thousands of track day’s worth of experience to share with you as your personal car building & performance consultant. As a client I want you to be comfortable asking me for advice or info on anything to do with the performance of your car. I hope our relationship develops to where I am your ongoing “go-to guy” & performance consultant. Whenever you need tuning or tech help … feel free to reach out to me. My clients with the best results have my number in their phone & call or text when they need advice or unclear what to do at the track. I look forward to us having a fun & mutually rewarding relationship. – Ron Sutton P.S. PLEASE Read Pages 8 thru 11. It is KEY to you & I being on the same page when we talk. Message from Ron