6 Ron Sutton Racing History Ron Sutton has been winning races over 35 years in 80+ classes of racing from low powered Formula Fords & F2000 cars to Mountain Motor drag racing … USAC Midgets, Sprint Cars, Super Modifieds … to Trans Am/GT road race cars, NASCAR Modifieds, Late Models & Stock Cars. He started racing oval, drag & road racing in the 70's at a young age. From 1979-1987, Ron Sutton Race Engineering did chassis design & building along with race engine research & development. Ron has built over 200 cars, owned 79 race cars himself, conducted over 2500 track test days & ran cars in over 2500 races. Ron Sutton's Winner's Circle race teams started in 1988, committed to winning races in almost every form of oval track & road racing from sportsman levels to professional racing. While Ron won 85 races as a driver, his passion remains the advanced development of every part of the car … chassis, suspension, aerodynamics, shocks, brakes, engines & drivetrains. After winning 498 races, Ron sold his nine race teams at the end of 2012 & retired from professional racing. Ron has worn many hats in motorsports from winning driver, crew chief, race car designer, tuner-for-hire, driver coach, multi-car race team owner, sponsor consultant, trainer & author. At the end of the day he is just a “car guy” that loves helping people & enjoys the competition in motorsports. His associates know him as a unique balance of old school values, cutting edge design & technology and a fierce commitment to winning. His close friends also know his passion for life, family, fun & telling his crazy, funny, life stories. Ask him to tell you the story about driving wide open off a mountain some time. He is very frank, so don’t be offended. Ron’s Passion Today Ron’s focus these days is 100% on helping racers build & improve their cars for Autocross, Track Days, Road Racing & Pro-Touring. Ron is not the best guy to advise you on air conditioning duct trim rings. But if you want to make your Race Car, Track Car, Autocrosser or hardcore Pro Touring Car perform better … Ron is your guy. Ron says, “I love teaching & helping people make their cars perform better. Whether it’s through my workshops or helping a guy over the phone with his cam or suspension geometry … it’s all fun. This is my passion.” About Our History