55 Build-your-own complete suspension package 70-81 Camaro/Firebird – level #8 What is included?  Everything in Level 5, except deletions & additions outlined below Deletions:  RSRT TA2 Welded Rear Frame Clip & Suspension o High Grip, Offset, Tunable 3-Link Suspension o Double Adjustable Low Roll Center Panhard Bar Additions:  RSRT TA Welded Rear Frame Clip & Suspension o Strong, Rectangle Tube Frame o Jig Welded Construction o Incredible Grip, Offset, Tunable DECOUPLED 3-Link Suspension o Choice of Double Quick-Adjust Panhard Bar or Watts link RST #8581-L8K $16,299 Complete RST #2581-L8K $8291 Front RST #5581-L8K $8099 Rear All Packages Can Be Customized to Meet Your Needs:  Order as a complete package, front only, rear only or piece at a time  Already have some of these parts? We’ll delete them from the package  Want to Mix & Match? No problem as long as the end result makes sense  Add a Track-Warrior DOM Roll Cage to any kit for $999 – See Page 260 - 261  Upgrade to Triple Adjustable Ridetech shocks for $1840 / JRI Triples = $3720 Upgrades specific to the TA2 & TA Rear Suspensions:  The Level 7 TA2 Rear Suspension can be upgraded with o Quick-Adjust Top Link for quick & easy grip tuning for track conditions o Torque Absorber to add grip to treaded, TW200 or stiff sidewall/hard compound tires o Quick-Adjust Watt’s Link instead of the panhard bar  The Level 8 TA Decoupled 3-Link can be upgraded to the GT Decoupled 3-Link with the amazing shock controlled accel & decel system that is cable adjustable from the cockpit ! See page 131 for Track-warrior packages GM Suspension Packages