399 Tech Services to build-your-own GT1 Race-Warrior GT1 Full Frame, Cage & Decoupled 3-Link/PHB - GT Geometry - Tailored Design/Setup  Full, In-depth Chassis & Suspension Design  Your choice of Square or Round Tube Chassis  Tailored Dimensions to Fit Your Body Style  Utilizing RSRT GT/TA Spindles & Hubs  All control arm Dimensions spec’d out  Optimum Roll Center @ ride height  Optimum Dynamic Roll Center in dive & roll  Optimum Camber change in dive & roll  Optimum Caster change @ dive & roll  Optimum Dynamic Camber for application  Dynamic Camber from 5-20° steering @ dive & roll  Optimum Spindle KPI & Dynamic Scrub Radius  Optimum Anti-Dive / Pro-Dive Percentage  “Optimum” within limitations of Your Car Dimensions  GT1 comes from SCCA GT1 Racing  This is our highest grip design PERIOD  It is the best design package to build an ultra fast, safe, track car  GT Slotted Steering Arms for Steering Quickness Tuning  Slotted Rack Mount for Ackerman Tuning  RSRT GT Spindle & Hubs provide a zero effective scrub radius  This design DOES require the engine to moved back so the lower front pulley is behind the front axle centerline  All key X, Y & Z Frame & Suspension dimensions provided  Frame welds into car "Race Style" with no body mounts or OEM mounting points  All Link & Mount Dimensions spec’d out  Your Choice of RSRT TA or GT Decoupled 3-Link Systems  Your Choice of RSRT Adjustable Panhard Bar or Watts Mounts  No Compromises - Optimum Corner Entry & Exit Grip  Optimum Ratio of Tire Loading for your application  Optimum Pick Up Point length & height  Optimum Instant Center/Swing Arm length  Optimum Roll Steer for your application  Optimum Rear Roll Center NOT included without Suspension Setup  “Optimum” is within limitations of the Car Dimensions You Provide  Top Accel & Decel Links can be Centered or Offset to cancel out Torque Steer  This is the ultimate design package for an extremely tunable, ultra high grip, awesome handling, track car  Car measurements provided by client  Includes Performance Trends Geometry Files or PDFs with all Dimensions  Blueprints of top, side & front provided for you to "Build Your Own" Track-Warrior  Suspension Strategy Defined & Ron Sutton "Out of the Shop" fast, balanced suspension setup RST #TECH-53GTP - Full Chassis Design & Optimized Suspension Setup - Panhard Bar: $2599 RST #TECH-53GTW - Full Chassis Design & Optimized Suspension Setup– Watts Link: $2699 Tech Services