398 Tech Services to build-your-own Track-Warrior RST #TECH-24 Suspension Strategy & Handling Balance - Optimization ADD ON: $250  This is the famous race winning suspension set up service Ron offers  This service provides an "Out of the Shop" fast, balanced suspension setup  Suspension Strategy Defined  Optimum chassis TRS (Total Roll Stiffness) work up  Front & Rear Lateral Load Distribution (FLLD & RLLD) Work Up  Optimum Front Spring Rates  Front Spring Motion Ratio – as-is or optimum relocation  Optimum Front Spring Wheel Rate  Optimum Front Sway Bar Rate  Front Sway Bar Motion Ratio – as-is or optimum relocation  Optimum Rear Spring Rates  Rear Spring Motion Ratio – as-is or relocating  Optimum Rear Spring Wheel Rate – Both directions  Optimum Rear Sway Bar Rate  Rear Sway Bar Motion Ratio – as-is or optimum relocation  Optimum Front & Rear Roll Center & CG work up  Car measurements provided by client RST #TECH-29 Manual Front & Rear Brake System - Optimization: $50  Everything in Manual Front & Rear Brake Calculations Plus ...  Optimized Brake Package Recommendation including ...  Optimum Brake Caliper Pistons, diameters & area  Optimum Pad Coefficient of Friction if available  Optimum Rotor diameter  Optimum Master Cylinder sizes  Pedal Ratio – as-is or optimized if changing  Driver input taken into account  Optimum Total braking force for application  Optimum Front to rear brake bias  Calculated in & adjusted with bias adjuster or proportioning valve  Focused on car usage & client goals & priorities  Car weight, tire sizes & compound taken into account RST #TECH-36 Transmission & Rear End Gearing – Optimization: $199  Ron Sutton calculates the optimum rear end gear Ratio AND transmission gear Ratios for your application  Tailored for your car, goals, usage & engine/cam power curve RST #TECH-55 Top & Bottom Aerodynamic Design Package - Add On: $300  Optimum Front Splitter Configuration  Optimum Upper Body Modifications Laid Out  Optimum Rear Wing or Spoiler Configuration  Engine Bay Side Venting Configuration  Side Skirt/Ground Effects Configuration  Full Belly Pan & Diffuser Configuration Tech Services