396 Tech Services to build-your-own Track-Warrior RST #TECH-10 Front Frame Clip - Tailored Design: $300  For TT, TA2, TA or GT Front Suspensions  Welds in "Race Style" with no body mounts or OEM mounting points  All key X, Y & Z dimensions  Car measurements provided by client  Blueprints of top, side & front provided for you to "Build Your Own" Track-Warrior  Suspension Mount Points only included with suspension design packages offered below As of 2017, Ron Sutton No Longer Designs Tailored "Build Your Own" Front Frame Clips & Suspensions from Scratch, Utilizing ANY Factory Spindles and/or Control Arms After Many, Many Hours & Attempted Designs Using Factory Spindles, the Results Were Never Up to Our Standards. For 2017 & Beyond, All Tailored Ron Sutton Front Frame & Suspension Designs Today ... Utilize One of the RSRT Spindles. Many Aftermarket Spindles Were Considered, But None Achieved Better Geometry than Ron's TT, TA2, TA & GT Spindle Designs Front Suspension Tailored Design  Tailored Dimensions to Fit Your Car  Utilizing RSRT Spindles & Hubs  All control arm Dimensions spec’d out  Optimum Roll Center @ ride height  Optimum Dynamic Roll Center in dive & roll  Optimum Static Camber  Optimum Camber change in dive (straight line braking)  Optimum Camber change in dive & roll  Optimum Caster change @ dive & roll  Optimum Dynamic Camber for application  Dynamic Camber at 15-20-25° steering @ dive & roll  Optimum Spindle KPI (Standard or Tailored)  Static Scrub Radius  Optimum Dynamic Scrub Radius  Optimum Anti-Dive / Pro-Dive Percentage  “Optimum” is within limitations of the spindle selected & your car dimensions  The TT design is a low cost, strong “Track Toy” design, but does NOT offer the best geometry, scrub radius, Ackerman, steering radius, etc.  The TA2 & TA are excellent road racing & track car designs that do NOT require the engine to be moved back.  The GT is the best geometry of all, but requires the engine to be set back 5-10”  Each package includes Performance Trends Geometry Files or PDFs with all Dimensions  Includes Blueprints if purchased with RST # TECH-10 Frame Clip Design RST #TECH-11 - Utilizing RSRT TT Spindles & Geometry: $599 RST #TECH-12 - Utilizing RSRT TA2 Spindles & Geometry: $599 RST #TECH-13 - Utilizing RSRT TA Spindles & Geometry: $599 RST #TECH-14 - Utilizing RSRT GT Spindles & Geometry: $599 Tech Services