393 Ron Sutton Tech Services for Production Cars RST # TECH-40 Full Front & Rear Suspension, Geometry & Steering Plus Suspension Strategy & Handling Balance - Optimization  This is my most popular package to work out the complete suspension in your existing car  Includes Everything in Tech Services RST # TECH-2, RST # TECH-4 & RST # TECH-16 ... Plus RST # TECH-24  For All Double Wishbone Front Suspensions with Solid Axle Rear Suspensions  Optimum Front Roll Center @ ride height  Optimum Dynamic Front Roll Center in dive & roll  Optimum Front Static Camber  Optimum Front Camber change in dive (straight line braking)  Optimum Front Camber change in dive & roll  Optimum Front Caster change @ dive & roll  Optimum Dynamic Camber for application  Dynamic Front Camber at 15-20-25° steering @ dive & roll  Optimum Front Spindle KPI (Standard or Tailored)  Static Front Scrub Radius  Optimum Dynamic Front Scrub Radius  Optimum Front Anti-Dive / Pro-Dive Percentage  Optimum Front Ackerman from Spindle  Optimum Front Ackerman from Tie Rod angle  Optimum Front Bump Steer Settings  Optimum Front Toe Setting to work with dynamic settings  Optimum Front Dynamic Ackerman @ cruise height  Optimum Front Dynamic Ackerman @ dive & roll  Optimum Rear Anti-Squat percentage  Optimum Ratio of Rear Tire Loading for your application  Optimum Rear Pick Up Point length & height  Optimum Rear Instant Center/Swing Arm length  Optimum Rear Roll Steer for your application Plus ...  The famous race winning suspension set up service Ron offers  This service provides an "Out of the Shop" fast, balanced suspension setup  Suspension Strategy Defined  Optimum chassis TRS (Total Roll Stiffness) work up  Front & Rear Lateral Load Distribution (FLLD & RLLD) Work Up  Optimum Front Spring Rates  Front Spring Motion Ratio – as-is or optimum relocation  Optimum Front Spring Wheel Rate  Optimum Front Sway Bar Rate  Front Sway Bar Motion Ratio – as-is or optimum relocation  Optimum Rear Spring Rates  Rear Spring Motion Ratio – as-is or relocating  Optimum Rear Spring Wheel Rate – Both directions  Optimum Rear Sway Bar Rate  Rear Sway Bar Motion Ratio – as-is or optimum relocation  Optimum Front & Rear Roll Center & CG work up RST #TECH-40 - Solid Axle Cars - ONLY $499 RST #TECH-40IRS – Cars with IRS - ONLY $699 C5/C6 Corvette Owners … you just need to purchase Tech Service RST # TECH-24, as we already have C5/C6 accurate suspension & steering dimensions. Tech Services