391 Ron Sutton Tech Services for Production Cars No production car from the 50’s to the early 90’s comes from the factory with the suspension mounts exactly mirrored from side to side. None. Nadda. Ever. The factory production tolerances are ¼” on every point & they add up. We typically find the cars do not handle the same left & right because of this. The exceptions are C5, C6 & C7 Corvettes as they are within .030” For AutoX-Star packages level 1 through 4 … you need to purchase Tech Service RST # TECH-40 & measure the suspension points on your actual car. If you’re purchasing an AutoX-Star package the tech service is already included in the package price. If you’re doing this a piece at a time … which is fine with us … the tech service & a LCA True Kit will be the first things you need to purchase individually. This typically takes two guys with common measuring tools about one day … as long as we’re using a spindle Ron is familiar with. It will take you two days if it is a spindle he doesn’t have dimensions on. The top photo shows the basic tools need to measure your suspension. The next two photos show Lance Hamilton utilizing the RSRT LCA True Rod Kit to do the LCA modifications matching up the left & right LCA pivot axis on his autocross winning 85 Monte Carlo. After providing Ron with the completed measurement form of your car’s dimensions, Ron calculates your actual car’s geometry. There is a schedule for this & typically the wait to get to yours is around 2-4 weeks. Ron outlines the minor changes … typically less than ¼” … to match up the left & right sides. When modifying the lower control arm bucket holes, Ron will guide you on how to match them up … and how to get some improvement as well. Once your mods are made … and Ron knows your car’s actual geometry he can work out an awesome “out-of-the-box” spring & sway bar rate setup for you that will provide high grip & neutral, balanced handling. Tech Services