390 "The Good, Bad & Ugly Promise" from Ron Sutton The Good: Don't you hate it when you call & get a different rep each time? Especially after you explained your project to one person. I work directly with my clients providing the best technical support for chassis & suspension, aero, engines & drivetrain. My 35 years of winning experience are included free if you’re buying the parts from us. When you call hit extension 3, you talk directly to me. In fact, when you call, you're calling my cell phone. If you email or text a message ... I get it & respond to you personally. More Good: I offer 600 top brands, with 90,000 parts in-stock at my warehouse alliance & 3000 of RSRT products in our warehouse. We often ship same day. I get it that money matters ... and therefore prices matter ... the products I offer, are at prices within pennies of the biggest online sellers. In addition to great prices, I offer high level technical support that is frankly not available at any other parts store. Plus I offer trick parts and advanced technology that are simply not available other places. The Bad: There is only one of me to take calls & my super busy, hectic schedule varies. So return calls & messages may happen the same day or in a week, depending on my travel & commitment schedule. For this to be a good working relationship, you need to be patient and understanding. The Ugly: Sometimes we can talk or text after hours or on weekends about your project. You can call me, text me or email me at any hour. But if I'm spending time with my family, I turn my cell phone off. We're building cars here ... not curing cancer. One message is enough. Everything goes to my Android phone. So if you emailed, texted or called ... I got it. I'll respond when I can. I simply ask for your patience. Great Performance Results: If you can be patient & work with my availability, I assure you the tech support, advice, advanced technology & your improved performance results will be very worth it. It's a bold claim, but I believe I can assist you to build more power, handle better and win more ... than almost any other option available to you. Chassis Designs, Suspension Setups, Parts & Technical Support for: * Autocross, Pro-Touring, Road Racers & Track Car Guys/Gals * Car Builders, DIY Fabricators & Race Shops * Racers & Teams - from Grassroots to the Professional Teams Pros & Cons: Jeg's & Summit are good companies. There are pros & cons in buying from them or me. I'm certainly no big company like them. Ron Sutton Race Technology is really Race Technology from me ... Ron Sutton & my small staff. Contact Information Phone: 844-722-3832 Extension 3 Tech Services