385 Special Car Tools Carb Drain Cup OMG I LOVE THIS TOOL. When wortking on Holley Carbs, drain the fuel from the float bowl into this fuel cup. After making your changes, pour the fuel back into your float bowl thru the vent tube. Your motor will start right up. No waiting on fuel pressure. RST #9795-FC $22.95 Brake Bleeder JOES Brake Bleeder Bottle contains the mess of bleeding brakes by capturing the fluid in a 16oz. bottle. It comes with a magnetic adapter that attaches directly to your brake disc to make brake bleeding a one-man job. The one-way check valve is easy to use, just attach the bottle, open the bleed screw and pump the brakes. RST #9933-BB $19.95 Shock Vise This is the one I use. JOES Shock Workstation lets you hold on to your shock body and the shaft at the same time, making it a lot faster, easier and cleaner to work on your shocks. Just put the JOES Workstation in a vise and you're ready to go or mount it securely to a workbench or pit cart with the base included. RST #9980-SWB $229.90 Ball Joint Spreader Remove the ball joints from your spindles without beating on them.  Tool comes has 2” of adjustment range  Includes two 1” long extensions  Can be adjusted from 4”-6”, 5”-7” & 6”-8” RST #9959-K Complete Kit $60.99 Tapered Reamers To clean up … or sink … the Ball Joint taper in your spindles HOW #84015 1.5” per Foot $101.30 HOW #84020 2.0” per Foot $101.30 Transfer Punches For use with quick turn fasteners, place transfer punch in a weld plate or body panel. Position panel over top of punch and lightly tap with a hammer leaving a mark on the panel where hole is to be drilled. ALL #19403 $2.89 Quick Turn Spring Adjuster This tool is a must when adjusting tension of quick turn springs. Simply turn knob on adjuster to evenly pull or push spring without kinking or breaking spring. ALL #19405 $55.99 Tools