384 Special Car Tools Scholl Shock Mount Fixture I like to give credit where credit is due. RSRT Client Craig Scholl made himself a tool to help mock up & properly align the RSRT thread jack screw coil-over upper shock mounts we sell. They can be a little challenging to get lined up & weld. So he created a rather simple tool … the best ones are … and it worked very well. Craig’s tool lined everything up perfectly & held it in place while he welded. He mocked up the slanted cut top mount (that the threaded 1-1/8” aluminum jack screw threads into) in the top. Then put a rod end in the bottom to simulate the lower shock mount. He created some tubes that slid inside other tubes … then I think he welded his in place at the length he wanted. We copied the idea and added a couple of cool features.  We made the top step exactly where the center of the shock eye will mount. So it’s easy to measure  We made it with 2 tubes & one slides inside the other  We added a locking thumb screw, so you can set length you need & lock it in place.  We used a plastic screw, so it doesn’t scar the inner tube  We put a hex on the bottom spud, so you can tighten or loosen the rod end jam nut if needed  The inner tube is hot oil treated, so it won’t rust & no paint to come off either.  The other tube is black powder coated  Lastly, we created & installed a 3.50” OD rubber donut that goes on the outside .. and simulates the coil over spring OD … so you can easily check for adequete spring clearance … before your weld it up!  The rubber donut slides up & down the shaft with a little drag & stays in place where you leave it. Now we pay Craig exactly zero from the sale of these. So the least we could is name it after him. “The Scholl Shock Mount Fixture!” RST #9800-1 Scholl Shock Mount Fixture $149.99 * We will LOAN you one with a Track Warrior Front or Rear Suspension Purchase Sheet Metal Contour Tool This simple tool we used to call a widget enables you to accurately trace wheel-tub and interior-tin contours. You could make one, but for $10 … why? RST #9859-1 $10.00 Clecos ! The best invention ever for sheet metal work & custom body fab. Drill a hole & cleco it in place until you’re ready to rivet, bolt or weld it! Available in 1/8” & 3/16” pin style to coordinate with rivet sizes … and the clamp type … no holes required. All 3 use the same cleco pliers. RST #9820-125-25 25 Pack Copper 1/8” $16.99 RST #9820-188-25 25 Pack Gold 3/16” $16.99 RST #9820-C Side Grip Clamp $3.99 each RST #9820-P Cleco Pliers $9.99 Tools