379 Chassis Setup & Measuring Tools Pinion Centering Tool Bolt this gauge up to almost any popular rear end & easily see & measure the centerline of the pinion location. Fits:  8.8” Ford  9” Ford  Dana 44  Dana 60  GM 12-Bolt Car  GM 14 Bolt Truck  Mopar 8-3/4” Set Up Plates  Bolt to Hubs  5 x 5” Bolt Pattern  Can be modified for 5 x 4-3/4” ALL #10660 $95.99 Each Real Race Jack Originally produced by Sierra Racing Products, JOES purchased the company and have been making a great jack even better. When looking for a real race jack you should consider a few important things. Will it do what you need? Is its quality workmanship? Can you buy parts for it? Can you get it serviced? JOES can do all that! RST #9965-QRJ $1095.95 Frame Stands JOES Aluminum Jack Stands have urethane pads to help keep your car from slipping off and have large feet to keep them from sinking into the dirt or hot asphalt. They are lightweight and stackable to save space in your trailer or the shop. 14" tall, sold in pairs. RST #9999-2 Natural $179.95 RST #9999-B2 Black $209.95 LCA True-Up Kit This is the precision ground & true rod that you see in all the photos of lower control arms being corrected & the sides trued up to each other. The kit comes with one rod & 8 thick (.220”) hardened washers that you weld to the outside of the LCA buckets after you have trued the left & right LCA pivot axis to each other. RST #9950-1 For 1/2” LCA Bolts $39.99 RST #9951-1 For 9/16” LCA Bolts $49.99 * Most Cars are 1/2” / 70-81 Camaros & Firebirds are 9/16” Tools