376 Chassis Setup & Alignment Tools Bump Steer Gauges I’ve used them all. This is the best one. Setting bump steer can be awkward & a little frustrating. This one is the easiest & most accurate. JOES Precision Billet Bump Steer Gauge has a rigid design to give you exact results every time. The digital indicator does the math for you and zeros quickly. Our billet aircraft aluminum hub plate is designed to work with most stock car hubs – one plate fits 5x5, wide 5, 5x4.75, 5x4.5 and snap cap. Precision laser etching is used to give you accurate measurements. JOES design allows plenty of room for the jack and the roller arm is adjustable allowing the gauge to clear the hub. Breaks down for easy storage saving you room in your shop or trailer. Our digital gauge is specially made with a reversed display for easy viewing. RST #9630-DBS $275.95 Aluminum Turn Plates When you know front-end alignment is important and are looking for accuracy, then you need a pair of Turn Plates. JOES Turn Plates are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum to exact tolerances and a total thickness of 1". Rotation angles of 30 degrees in both directions and a free floating design makes checking alignment easy. Sold in pairs. RST #9635-JTP $695.95 Steel Turn Plates Quick Trick Turn Plates are only 5/16 of an inch thick & made of steel. You can roll on and off with no side bind, no jacking the car up lowering down, settle the suspension. Plates are clearly marked 0, 10, 15, 20 degrees. These are heavier for sure. But durable & a great bargain. Each plate weighs 11 pounds and has a powder coated finish with a smooth handle cut into each. Special Grit coating on the bottom to prevent slippage. RST #9635-QTA $229. Tools