373 Warrior Driveshaft & Yoke Assemblies Serious power & hardcore track time will test everything in your car. The driveshaft is often an after thought. But we need the “right stuff” in the driveshaft, U-joints & slip yoke. It’s the only thing connecting the power out of the trans to the rear end. I was involved in an R&D test program where we saw the negative effects of driveshafts theat were “too light.” The harmonics & power loss were astounding. I was surprised to learn the stronger the driveshaft we ran … up to a point … produced more power to the rear wheels. I also learned how the harmonics from an undersized driveshaft can kill the transmission bearings, gears, syncros & even the crank bearings in the engine. This is no place to mess around, so we only sell strong driveshafts. We offer two Chromoly versions & one carbon fiber version. All our driveshafts are custom made to order with Spicer Chromoly XHD 1350 series U-Joints (Part # 5-1350X) on both ends. Our Chromoly driveshafts utilize Strange Chromoly weld in ends. The Carbon Fiber shafts utilize bonded 7075 Forged tube yokes. The Chromoly tubing is Hydraulically Straightened to .005″ total runout at the center of the tube. Tube yokes are welded to within .006″ runout on each end. The shafts are Electronically Computer Balanced to less than 1/8 oz. Inch, as an assembly … with U-Joints & Slip Yoke … assuring smooth operation at every speed. Critical Speed is calculated on each shaft to insure your Safety and Ultimate Shaft longevity. The shafts are SFI Certifiable, proven to withstand 2800ft/lbs. of Torque by an independent testing facility. XXX in the Part # is the Strange Yoke Identifier. ZZ.ZZ is length in inches Chromoly Driveshaft #1  3” OD x .095” Wall  Spicer XHD 1350 U-Joints  Strange Billet Chromoly Slip Yoke RST #0800-3-XXX-ZZ.ZZ $585 Chromoly Driveshaft #2  3.5” OD x .083” Wall  Spicer XHD 1350 U-Joints  Strange Billet Chromoly Slip Yoke RST #0800-35-XXX-ZZ.ZZ $635 Carbon Fiber Driveshaft #3  3.75” OD  Spicer XHD 1350 U-Joints  Strange Billet Chromoly Slip Yoke RST #0800-35-XXX-ZZ.ZZ $1230 Strange Chromoly Billet Yokes F28 = Ford 28 Spline F31 = Ford 31 Spline G27 = GM 27 Spline G32 = GM 32 Spline * Jerico 4-Speed, G-Force 4-Speed, Tremec TKO 600 & T56 Magnum all utilize the F31 Drivetrain