371 Track-Warrior Clutches QuarterMaster Optimum-SR Street & Race Clutch for LS Engines Optimum-SR™ 10.4″ Two-Disc LS Clutches has achieved standout results GRAND-AM Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge Series, including a first and second-place sweep at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Now, with lessons learned from racing, and with the data from extensive drivability testing, Optimum-SR™ LS Clutches are available for street & track use. Only a 10 percent increase in pedal effort over stock, with stock-type modulation control. The clutches are capable of handling 1000 ft/lbs of torque. Features a sprung hub, marcel-type discs with organic rag-type friction for smooth engagement. A vented floater plate and grooved friction surfaces provide better cooling as well. Featuring aircraft-grade bolts and hardware with an all-billet construction, each clutch is completely rebuildable and can be used with OE hydraulic bearing systems or Quarter Master® Tri-Lite II Hydraulic Release Bearings. Features:  1400 HP & 1000 Ft/Lb-Capable  Weighs 34# - 20 Lbs Lighter Than Stock Clutch  Near Stock Pedal Feel/Power Modulation  MOI Reduction = 8 HP on Chassis Dyno  CNC Billet & Easily Rebuildable QuarterMaster Optimum-RR Road Race Clutch for LS Engines Optimum-RR™ 7.25″ Two & Three Disc LS Clutches are excellent race & track day clutches. They are rebuildable and optimized for strength without compromising weight or moment-of-inertia. Much lighter than 10.4” clutches above. They utilize the latest in gear-drive technology, slotted pressure plate and floater plates allow for better gas evacuation and superior cooling. The complete kit from RSRT includes the Quicktime SFI flexplate , Optimum-RR Clutch with button-type flywheel, Tri-Lite Hydraulic Release Bearing and adapter, and all necessary hardware, including clutch fasteners and replacement flywheel bolts. The two disc version we offer utilizes .250” thick “Rally Discs” which engages smoother for less chatter when taking off & driving around the pits. The three disc versions utilize .104" race discs & are all race, no slip, mean clutches that will survive the abuse of 800-1000HP race engines in road racing applications. They will chatter.  Weighs 23# RST #0727-QMTW-3 3-Disc Race Pkg $2359.74 RST #0727-QMTW-2 2-Disc Rally Pkg $2173.50 Complete Clutch & Flywheel System RST #0725-QMAXW $2697.00 Drivetrain