369 Sequential 6-speed Transmission PPG (Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes) developed a gear set that upgrades the standard internals of Tremec T56 Magum 6-speed transmissions to make it stronger and more reliable. These are suitable for use on both road and track, with a focus on endurance racing and GT events. No modifications have to be made to the clutch, driveshaft or bellhousing. Billet steel gears, mainshaft and unique heat- treatment process makes this gear set capable of handling up to 1000-horsepower. In America theses transmissions are widely used in Trans Am, SCCA, NASA & IMSA Road Racing. PPG’s designers developed a unique helical-cut dog-engagement gear set, providing a greater surface area across the face of each tooth. The gear engagement is almost effortless with the bump shifter & load cell included in the package. PPG’s sequential kit comes with revised selector forks and linkage, together with Pfitzner’s unique Micro-barrel selector system. This provides extremely compact packaging of the internal components and incorporates the latest rotary position sensor for accurate gear indication. This allows the driver to see what gear they are in at all times with the LED display included in the package. This sequential shift system is integrated to the load cell, that when combined with our electronics control module, operates in both tension and compression modes to allow flat full throttle up-shifts (ignition cut only) and provides ignition cut and throttle-blip during down-shifts. Our PPG Sequential Transmissions are built by veteran racing transmission expert & road racer Jim Dederichs in Texas. He is the “Go to Guy” for many top race teams in Trans Am, NASA & SCCA Racing. We offer both C5/C6 Transaxles & regular T56 Magnum Transmissions in two gear sets. Wide Ratio 2.940 / 2.070 / 1.440 / 1.000 / 0.800 / 0.630 Close Ratio 2.437 / 1.611 / 1.228 / 1.000 / 0.875 / 0.777 Race Ratio 2.407 / 1.872 / 1.522 / 1.294 / 1.132 / 1.000 RST #0751-ST56-C6C Corvette Transaxle System/Close Ratio $19,499 RST #0751-ST56-C6R Corvette Transaxle System/Race Ratio $19,999 RST #0751-ST56-TTC T56 Magnum Transmission/Close Ratio $18,999 RST #0751-ST56-TTR T56 Magnum Transmission/Race Ratio $19,499 Sequential Transmission Control Module sold separate  Preprogrammed with a base calibration works for 75% of cars  USB Fully Programmable Software  Adjustable ignition cut percentage & duration for each upshift/downshift  Adjustable degree & duration of throttle blip for each downshift  Integrates with DBW or cable throttle, coils & ECU  Includes Module, software, LS coil harness  Literally Plug-&-Play RST #0751-STM Complete Package $1200 Drivetrain