368 Warrior Transmission Complete Bowler Stage II Tremec T-56 Magnum  Brand New, Not Rebuilt  Autocross / Road Race Prepped  LS Style Input Shaft : 26 Spline  Output Shaft: 31 Spline  Updated & Improved 1-2 Synchronizer Hub Design  New Full Carbon Blocker Ring Set 1st & 2nd Position  Updated & Improved 2nd gear design  Ratios: 2.66-1.78-1.30-1.00-0.80-0.63 –OR- 2.29-1.60-1.21-1.00-0.84-0.67  New Carbon / Hybrid Blocker Ring Set 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & Reverse Position  Vespel Fork Pads (We have seen too many failures on the brass fork pads and the stock plastic fail immediately. This upgrade alone is $275, but is well worth the investment.  We use only true Magnum internals, so you get the improved synchronizer hub slider with the roller bearing, not the billet keys with spring setup. The flagship in the Tremec line of aftermarket transmissions is undoubtedly the T-56 Magnum 6-speed. This 6-speed is the culmination of years of high performance testing, advanced design changes, and a better understanding of what we need in a high performance transmission for multi-purpose street, track & autocross. Rated to handle 700ft/lbs of torque, a single rail shifter design, 3-piece synchronizer assemblies, 3 shift lever locations, multiple gearing options, and a 135-pound weight makes this version of the Tremec 6-speed excellent for Pro-Touring & AutoX-Warriors. The Bowler Stage II Upgrade greatly improves the shifting characteristics and incorporates all new carbon/hybrid synchro rings for all gears, Vespel shift fork pads, an upgraded non- advanced tooth second gear, and an upgraded 1-2 synchronizer hub. The Stage 2 upgrade is ideal for anyone using their transmission for Autocross and Road Race events. RST #0750-T56S2 2.64 Trans Complete $5130 + shipping RST #0750-T56S2 2.29 Trans Complete $5995 + shipping Drivetrain