342 performance hose Performance Plumbing It doesn’t make sense to build a quality car … especially one we’re running on track … and not have quality plumbing. For some it’s the bling factor. Not for me. It’s the safety factor. I am rather fond of the fuel staying in the fuel lines … the hot water & oil critical for the engine’s life staying inside the plumbing … and the brakes working.  So I never cut corners on the plumbing. Now that doesn’t mean you need to buy the buy the more expensive plumbing products either. Just get the good stuff. For 35 years, I’ve been using Earls. I like other brands too. Fragola is good stuff … but don’t get the blue … it’s odd colored. I like Jiffy-Tite for quick release fittings. They work amazing. There are some brands that we could count on before …. but no more … as they are made very poorly in China. That crap looks good, but I wouldn’t trust my life to it. Earl’s has the longest history, widest selection, best quality and it’s priced right. That’s what we use & recommend. SUPER STOCK HOSE High quality synthetic rubber hose reinforced by a full coverage interior braided fabric sheath. It has been REFORMULATED to be more tolerant of the additives present in modern day pump gas. This is what we use when budget is a concern. Works only with Earl’s Super Stock Push On Hose Ends. PLC Part # DESCRIPTION Price EAR 780004ERL -4 1/4" BLACK SUPER-STOCK HOSE 3.95 EAR 780006ERL -6 3/8" BLACK SUPER-STOCK HOSE 3.75 EAR 780008ERL -8 1/2" BLACK SUPER-STOCK HOSE 4.41 EAR 780010ERL -10 5/8" BLACK SUPER-STOCK HOSE 5.48 EAR 780012ERL -12 3/4" BLACK SUPER-STOCK HOSE 6.79 EAR 790004ERL -4 1/4" BLUE SUPER-STOCK HOSE 3.95 EAR 790006ERL -6 3/8" BLUE SUPER-STOCK HOSE 3.74 EAR 790008ERL -8 1/2" BLUE SUPER-STOCK HOSE 4.77 EAR 790010ERL -10 5/8" BLUE SUPER-STOCK HOSE 5.77 EAR 790012ERL -12 3/4" BLUE SUPER-STOCK HOSE 6.76 ULTRA PRO-LITE HOSE Lightweight Tough Nylon Covered High Pressure Hose. Easy to Cut and Assemble. One of the lightest and most durable hoses available on the market today! Rated at 500 PSI. This is what we use when low weight is our priority. Accepts Swivel-Seal, Auto-Crimp & Auto-Fit Hose Ends. PLC Part # DESCRIPTION Price EAR 390004ERL -4 ULTRA PRO-LITE HOSE BULK 6.95 EAR 390006ERL -6 ULTRA PRO-LITE HOSE BULK 7.95 EAR 390008ERL -8 ULTRA PRO-LITE HOSE BULK 8.95 EAR 390010ERL -10 ULTRA PRO-LITE HOSE BULK 8.95 EAR 390012ERL -12 ULTRA PRO-LITE HOSE BULK 10.95 EAR 390016ERL -16 ULTRA PRO-LITE HOSE BULK 13.95 Plumbing