336 Canton Accusump Accessories Pair of Stainless Steel Clamps for 3-Qt Accusump Steel band mounting brackets for our 4-1/4" Dia. Accusumps. Mounting clamps are required for all Accusumps. When used on each end of an Accusump they provide the proper support at the end caps to ensure the tube does not become distorted. These are sold as a set of two stainless steel T-clamps. CAN #24-200 $18 Billet aluminum mounting brackets for 4-1/4" Dia. Accusumps. Mounting brackets are required for all Accusumps to provide the proper support at the end caps to ensure the tube does not become distorted. These billet aluminum mounting clamps not only provide that support but also offer an attractive presentation. Sold in sets of two. CAN #24-210 $124 GM LS1 PAN MOUNTED SPIN-ON FILTER MOUNT This billet aluminum spin-on filter mount is designed to install under the pan rail of our LS1 pans. The mount uses the same 13/16 -16 thread filter nipple as stock to accept standard LS1 filters and features o-ring seals between the pan and the adapter. CAN #22-631 $169 UNIVERSAL OIL COOLER SANDWICH ADAPTER This Universal Oil Cooler Sandwich Adapter is machined from billet aluminum offer leak free performance. These adapter feature a black hardcoat finish in order to improve the aesthetic and longevity of this product. Adapter Features:  13/16"-16 Thread Pitch / 2-5/8" Seal / (2) 1/2 NPT Ports /  Black anodize finish / Lowers filter by 1.25" CAN #22-546 $81 REMOTE BILLET ALUMINUM OIL FILTER MOUNT This billet aluminum remote spin-on filter mount accepts spin-on filters. Includes two 1/2" N.P.T. in-ports and two 1/2" N.P.T out-ports. There is an inlet and outlet on each side. Unused ports can be used for a temperature or oil pressure sender, or for Accusump input. CAN #22-620 Chevy Type 13/16” Filters $135 CAN #22-625 Ford Type 3/4” Filters $135 Air/Oil Separator Tank Tank features internal baffles & condensing media to separate the oil from the air, (which collects inside the container). 1/4" N.P.T. drain for oil buildup. Size: 3-1/4" Dia., 5" total height Ports: -12AN Inlets and Outlets 1/4" N.P.T. drain CAN #23-050 $131 Canton LS Track Package / Everything for an LS Oil System Part #s 15-274, 15-275, 22-302, 20-580, 24-006, 24-260, 24-200, 22-631 & 22-546 RST #0400-LSMK w/ Manual Valve Accusump $949 RST #0400-LSEK w/ EPC Valve Accusump $1159 Oil System