331 BYO Headers SBC Header Flanges with Tubes Hooker offers a complete line of fully welded flange kits with stubs. Each flange has a 2" long stub welded to it and is machine milled, not ground, to provide a perfect sealing surface. The flange is then internally deburred and helibrazed on the outside to provide maximum strength. Flange kits come with gaskets, bolts and polished stainless steel. Features:  Flange Includes Welded Stubs  Kit Includes Gaskets, Bolts HOO #11622HKR SBC 1-3/4” $199.95 LS Flat Header Flanges - No Tubes These LS header flanges are available in 1-3/4" and 1-7/8" port diameters. These mild steel flanges are sold in pairs and include gaskets and high quality stainless steel header bolts.  Mild steel flanges are precision cut to insure perfect fitment Available in 1 3/4” and 1 7/8” port diameters  Made from high grade, mild steel  Sold in pairs and include gaskets & stainless steel bolts HOO #11874HKR LS 1-3/4” $72.77 HOO #11875HKR LS 1-7/8” $72.77 Header Collectors Hooker's Super Competition Merged slip-on collectors are constructed with the primary tubes joining as they transition into the collector, eliminating sharp edges and voids to reduce turbulence. This allows more precise management of the sound pressure waves (tuning) and improves aerodynamic flow. Merged Slip-On Collector, Length 12", Sold In Pairs, 4 Into 1. HLY #14752HKR 3” Collector 1-3/4” Tubes $205.95 HLY #14742HKR 3.5” Collector 1-7/8” Tubes $223.95 HLY #14752HKR 3.5” Collector 2” Tubes $199.95 HLY #14770HKR 3.5” Collector 2-1/4” Tubes $205.95 Hooker Collector Ring Kit HOO #11425HKR For 2.5” Tubing $30.11 HOO #11430HKR For 3” Tubing $30.11 HOO #11435HKR For 3.5” Tubing $30.11 Exhaust