327 LS Engine Accessory Drive Systems Without question, this is the BEST LS Drive System available today. I saw this a SEMA & it was “almost” Perfect. The only thing it lacked was 180° wrap around the power steering pulley. They re- engineered it for me & my customers. Now it is perfect. Features:  The best 2-piece Edelbrock Victor aluminum water pump  A real racing power steering pump from KRC with TUNABLE FLOW  Standard is 2.2 GPM / With a $28 part & 2 minutes Tune from 1 GPM to 3 GPM  P/S reservoir mounted on the pump & baffled to prevent slosh & foaming of the fluid  170 Amp Powermaster Alternator  Well-designed idler & tensioner mechanisms, pulleys ultra-high precision Twin bearings  An ATI Super Damper to protect the crank. A Superior design with OVER 180° of belt wrap (contact area) on the power steering pump.  You Autocross? Or do Track Days? No more belt skip.  Running big front tires? No more pump issues.  Revving your engine to 7000+? No more bearing or component failures.  Have a quality/expensive engine? Protected with a ATI Super Damper. Want it to still look great? Easy Peasy. You can see the great style, and it's available in:  * Brushed Aluminum  * Polished Aluminum  * Black Hard Anodize over Polished Aluminum Whew! This is the real deal, top of the line, and no worries drive system of LS engines. It IS more expensive than other poorly designed units, “show car units” with OEM parts and imported crap ... but not by much. With A/C Compressor $2699 DJD #LSH-BP Black Anodized DJD #LSH-P Polished DJD #LSH-BA Brushed Aluminum Without A/C Compressor $2499 DJD #LSH-BP-ACD Black Anodized DJD #LSH-P-ACD Polished DJD #LSH-BA-ACD Brushed Aluminum When bought at the same time with a Ron Sutton Race Technology Warrior Engine … we can install the package on your engine and ship it ready to go, for basically no more cost. The cost to install it is the same as the cost of the ATI Super Damper. The offsetting credit of the ATI Super Damper covers the labor cost to have SDPC Race Shop install your new bad ass drive system. Engine Accessories