323 Holley HP EFI Controller - Features Continued:  4 Stage nitrous oxide control  Fully featured nitrous control eliminates the need for a separate nitrous controller device  Can be configured “Wet” or “Dry” with closed loop feedback  Progressive control based on time, RPM, or boost, requires part # 554-111  Lean or rich safety cutoff  Full timing retard/control configurability per stage based on RPM or time  Integrated Water/Methanol injection control  Uses Holley Water/Meth solenoids specially designed and calibrated for use with this EFI system to allow the user to enter Water/Meth flow as a percentage of fuel injector flow for Water/Meth RST #0570-E $1120.95 Holley HP EFI Controller – With Harness Features:  Simple Installation - Plug and Play control of GM LS2/LS3/LS7 engines. Just plug the harness into your factory sensors, wire the power and grounds and you are ready to take complete control of your LS engine  Kit includes ECU, harness, communication cable, software, Jetronic/Minitimer (Bosch style) injector connectors, and Bosch wideband O2 sensor, designed to be used with GM LS2/LS3/LS7 engines with factory GM coils and a 58 tooth crank sensor RST #0570-K $1766.95 MSD Carbureted LS Engine Ignition Controller To control ignition timing on Carbureted LS engines without EFI. The controller allows you to map a timing advance curve with MSD’s easy-to- use Pro-Data+ software. Other programmable features include a two- step rev limiter, a vacuum advance curve for cruising economy and even a step retard in case you want to add a little nitrous to the mix. These compact ignition controllers fit with matching factory connectors for a direct installation. Only a handful of connections are required; the coils, crank sensor, MAP sensor and the cam sensor. You’ll have your carb’ed LSX running in no time! Features:  Runs a carbureted LS2 engine without complicated EFI hardware  Map a timing curve using Pro-Data+ software  Programmable two-step rev limiter, vacuum advance curve and step retard  Direct plug-in to factory components  Programmable via a PC through MSD's Pro-Data+ software.  Does NOT control fuel 58-Tooth RST #0560-C $364.95 24-Tooth RST #0561-C $364.95 Engine Accessories