307 Warrior Engines are Ron Sutton configured, SDPC Raceshop Machined & Assembled, Dyno developed as SDPC, Me & Scott Clark as a team … to produce the best engines we know how. Engines we’re proud of … and that I’d run & win races in my cars any day. That you will enjoy as well. Power Curve: Oh Baby. This is where our engines shine. We have super wide, flat LINEAR powerbands. Easy to drive … fast. Very drivable from the low RPM range to the top. We call our powerbands “RheoStat” … because the power delivery is so smooth & linear. No peaky torque curve in the 3000-4000 RPM range. The AutoX-Warrior 1-3 engines pull from 2000 RPM to 7000 and make impressive torque & horsepower throughout the ENTIRE curve. The range is 2500 to 7500 on AutoX-Warrior engines 4 & 5. These engines are NOT CHEAP to buy initially: Because they are built right to begin with. I do believe them to be the best value. So compare what you’re getting & what you’d pay … to what how our engines are built & what you get for your dollars … then make the choice that is right for you. Why No Super Charged Warrior Engines? Because the last thing I want on the front of an Autocross, Track or Race Car is another 100# of supercharger, plumbing & intercooler … that builds crazy heat … causing heat soak in the engine block, heads, intake & so on. Yes … superchargers are a neat way … and simple way to build power. I think they’re cool too ! Well not cool. The heat gets so bad that on summer days, people fight to keep their engine from over heating. When the day is hot … as many track days are … you don’t have as anywhere near much power as the engine had on the cool dyno day. It’s a real issue. So bad that GM is being sued over the new C7 Corvette overheating issue at track days. If GM struggles with it … you know it’s a real issue. Besides, we can build all the power we need … up to 900 HP with a smooth, drivable, linear power curve … without the supercharger. Series1 Series2 RSRT Most Engines