306 Oiling system:  On our Autocross Warrior 1 & 2, we chose Holley oil pans … and … we add their road race baffling in the pans, along with the correct pressure volume Melling oil pump.  I have a LOT of winning experience with Canton pans, parts & Accusumps. We utilize the low profile Canton LS Road Race oil pan, with great baffling system … and an Accusump .. on our AutoX-Warrior 3 & 4 engines. We include the Accusump with the engine. No. Extra. Charge.  Our AutoX-Warrior 5 LS7 is the only engine we use the factory GM dry sump. They’re fine for autocross. I’m not a fan … as many have blown up on fast road courses with long sweeping corners.  All of our Track-Warrior engines … made for track day cars … but just as home on autocross courses .. ALL utilize ARE 4-Stage Dry Sump systems. Regardless of who your buddy likes better, ARE is the top system. Expensive, but worth every dime to keep your expensive engine running happy.  Engine Oil? I like a few good brands. Lucas is good stuff. Valvoline VR1 is ok. A small company out of the SouthEast, Renegade, has good blends. I loved the ol Kendall back in the day, which is Brad Penn now. But the combination of best lubricating, lowest friction, longest engine life, best heat protection, highest power making oil is DRIVEN Racing Oil. We do all break-in sessions with their BR oil & run these engines on LS30. EFI: I have a ton of knowldege on designing fuel & timing curves … but not first hand with EFI. So I recruited top EFI Guru Scott Clark to do all of our EFI programming. He goes to each dyno session & we develop the curves together for optimum power & dials it down a smidge to insure longevity. Scott dials in the start up & idle to the nth degree, then smooths out the low RPM to ful throttle transistions. Scott recommended the Holley EFI systems for our engine program. These engines start easy, idle well … and important to me … take off EASY from low RPMs without slipping & burning up your expensive clutch. People Matter: You can have all the best parts in the world, but if the engine is not machined by pros that take pride in their work & put together by veteran engine builders that care … well … you know. When I decided to bring my brand of power, driveability & reliabilty to you the autocrosser, track day guy/gal or hardcore racer, I had to decide on a team of people to work with. Now … I know a LOT of good engine builders from my 35+ years of racing from sportsman to professional levels, I could have teamed up with. I choose SDPC Raceshop … because I have confidence in those veteran guys with 20+ years experience, top equipment, a proven track record of building record setting & winning engines … and they know LS engines better than almost anyone. Engines