305 I wouldn’t buy a cheap built engine to run in my car. I know some other people are like me that expect the engine to be built right ... for our application. How are my Warrior Engines different?  Every part & piece is picked by me … knowing the usage, the abuse, the goal and my hatred for DNFs from engine failures. Of course the bearings are Clevite 77, top tier rings, MLS gaskets etc. It’s the big parts where most engine shops cut corners.  Our entire valve train is superior. NO rebushed factory rockers. We only use stout shaft rockers SpinTron tested to handle both the RPM, spring rate loads & harmonics these engines experience. Autox-Warrior 1 & 2 LS3 engines utilize Comp Cams Roller Rockers. Autox-Warrior 3 & 4 LS engines use Heavy Duty Yella Terra shaft rockers rated for 600# Open spring pressures!  Our AutoX-Warrior 5 LS7 engine & all Track-Warrior run T&D shaft rockers. We utilize T&D’s chromoly rockers on our Track-Warrior 5 & Race-Warrior engines for the utlimate in valve train stability & reliability.  Instead of running $150 lifters, we run $700 lifters. Until you get inout high revving engines. Then the lifters cost over $1000. Instead of running stock pushrods, we utilize top level thick wall chromoly pushrods that calm the valvetrain down.  We pick the spring for its rate … and its coil-bind point … and match that with the cam lift to ensure we’re not seing crazy valve spring harmonics.  I personally pick the cam lobe designs … for power & driveabilty of course. But taking into account the entire valvetrain as a “system.”  We start with titanium retainers on our least expensive engines & move up to space plane material on our higher revving engines. Chinese parts? Not No … But Hell No!  Callies is one of the top names in cranks & rods. But they offer several levels of quality in both. They offer Chinese cranks & rods under their CompStar brand. So a lot of engine builders will list “Callies Cranks & Rods” … but they’re using the Chinese crap.  We do not. Not even in our lowest power engine. We use “Made in the USA” Callies Ultra H rods & Dragon Slayer cranks … made with Callies high purity US premium 4340 forging & Ultra-Case heat treated … in our entry level engine.  We utilize the Callies Magnum cranks above 600HP … and add their Ultra I-Beam rods in our Track-Warrior Engines that see the most rod loading. Callies Ultra billet cranks are machined from Premium Grade (Para-Pure) Timken alloy steel are in our top level engines.  Pistons? Only the highest grade 2618 aluminum pistons for JE & Wiseco. All coated with a dry film that adds life to the engine. Engines