304 Chinese Engine Parts Let’s taLk engines Most folks know me as a race chassis designer, builder, crew chief and so on but don’t know I have years of race engine development experience. Engines were my first love, well before chassis building. I’ve had some great engine gurus as mentors that taught me how engines really work & develop power. I’ve developed engines for oval, drag & road racing, from 4 cylinders to 1100 hp V8s. Two barrel carbs to Individual runner fuel injection. Gas, Alky & Ethanol. A lot of my R&D experience is with fuel curve development in harmony with ignition curves and the timing events of the camshaft which I see as the brain of the engine. We also did a lot of cylinder head and intake manifold development. Flow is king, but there is so much more to a good engine than that alone. As well as my chassis & suspension business was doing, I almost didn’t get back in the engine business. Almost. But I saw several problems in the engine market today. 1. Too many “Engine Builders” are competing on price point & not quality. I love the LS as much as the next guy, but way too many LS Engine Builders are relying on stock GM parts when they need to be upgrading to race level quality parts. 2. The cheap Chinese cranks & rods … and other low dollar crap …. going into a lot of those engines is RIDICULOUS. Their rotating assembly wasn’t built to last, nor take the abuse hardcore autocross & track day drivers put them through. They’re making those engines to “sell” … not to own & run. 3. The valvetrains are not built well enough … nor the geometry optimized … for the constant RPM levels autocross & track day engines see. We say “we’re not racing” … but we drive them like pro race engines … but they are not built anywhere near the level of quality pro race engines. OMG. Not. Even. Close. 4. The oiling systems are inferior. Again … relying on too many stock components. The G forces we’re pulling these days with big sticky tires, modern suspensions & big brakes is far beyond what “race cars” did … just 20 years ago. We’re seeing autocross G forces well above 1.4 & road course G’s up near 2G. Yes. We. Are. Your engine needs a well designed oiling system to keep it alive. It doesn’t matter how much it cost to build … when it blows up … it’s worthless. 5. The power curves are wrong. Today’s Autocross & Track Day engine builders are building too much torque … in the exact RPM range we’re coming off the corner. So we fight tire spin. Then the engine noses over up top. So the power band is not very wide & builds most power exactly where we can’t use it. Engines