303 Forgeline Wheels Wheels for Autocross, Track & Rod Racing Most of you know I’ve been doing this racing thing for quite a while. I have learned that for some components of the car, you have several good choices .. and in some things, not so much. We all struggle with how much this stuff costs. And we rightfully look for some places to save money. There are a few KEY AREAS we don’t want to cut corners.  Safety – Obvious reasons  Shocks – Key to Grip & Track Performance  Brakes – Key to Performance & Safety  Wheels – Also a key to Performance & Safety You don’t want to be someone the wheel center breaks & your wheel takes off. Especially at the high speeds we run on these road courses. But a lot of folks are not familiar with all the ways wheels affect track performance.  Rotating Mass / Lighter Wheels Accelerate & Stop Quicker  Unsprung Weight / Lighter Wheels Help the Suspension Respond Quicker = More Grip  Rigidity – Strong Wheels keep Their Shape & the Tire Creates the Optimum Contact Patch = Grip In my racing experience, Forgeline offers the best wheel. Period. They are stronger, which is safer. They are more rigid, which creates more grip by keeping the tire shape correct. And they offer more grip by being lighter ... so the suspension can respond quicker to the undulations in the track surface. In my experience, there are other strong wheels ... but they are heavier than Forgeline wheels. And there are other light wheels, but they're not as strong as Forgeline Wheel. Buy the right wheels the first time. - Ron Sutton. We are a full line Forgeline Wheel Dealer. The Strongest & Lightest Wheels from Forgeline, meaning from anyone, are these:  GA3 & GA3R  GW3 & GW3R  GX3 & GX3R  GZ3 & GZ3R We offer every model  We’ll get you whatever style you want Call us direct for the best value on Forgeline Wheels  We will help you figure out all the specs you need  We will get you a great price  You’ll be happy in the end Contact Ron Sutton 844-722-3832 Ext 3 Ron@RonSuttonRaceTechnology.com Wheels