300 Splitters Splitters A good splitter with a vertical bumper fascia or air dam behind it is a super effective way of creating front downforce … and GRIP … in any car. No Aerodynamics degree need. This is simple stuff. TA2 Splitters 10mm thick composite polypropylene Under Tray Splitters Legal for TA2 Racing. RST #9200-TA2C TA2 Camaro Splitter $1150 RST #9200-TA2M TA2 Mustang Splitter $1150 Splitters for Production Cars We offer over 100 models of splitters for modern Mustangs, Camaros, Corvettes, BMW & Other High End Imports. Just call us at 844-722-3832 Custom Splitters for Your Car We work with a company that will take your cardboard pattern & make you a quality splitter out of 10mm thick composite polypropylene for a relatively affordable price. We typically do the Chin Splitter version or Under Tray Version shown on the right. The extended Under Tray Splitter is an unnecessary expense, since if you are going there, you probably already created an smooth belly pan out of aluminum. RST #9210-CC Custom Chin Splitter $550 RST # 9210-CU Custom Under Tray Splitter $799 * Add $200 if the Splitter needs to be wider than 72” You will need to work out your own air dam or fascia & the actual splitter mounting to the air dam, fascia or other part of the car. Support Strut Tip: For up to 1.5-2” you do not need support struts Beyond 2” you need support struts – Count on 4 min If you have a splitter over 4” you’ll need 5-6 Aerodynamic Aids