295 Cockpit Safety Arm Restraints A must for Road Racing without a Window Net. Features padded arm bands and steel hardware. Easy release allows quick entry and exit from driver's compartment. Meets SFI 3.3 SIM #36001BK Black $44.95 SIM #36001BL Blue $44.95 SIM #36001R Red $44.95 HANS III / Model 20 OMG … these have saved more lives than I can count. I do not let my drivers run without these. The HANS III represents the third generation of injection molded HANS devices and features a contemporary approach to reducing weight. Using an all new design and polymer, the device features a hollow collar that substantially minimizes weight. Engineered reinforcements ensure an exceptionally strong structure that provides the same level of safety as every HANS device. The reduced mass guarantees the lightest and most comfortable injection molded HANS ever. Pick your size & attachment method. HAN # DK14237.321 Med/Post Anchor $549.00 HAN # DK14247.321 Large/Post Anchor $549.00 HAN # DK14237.421 Med/Quick Click $549.00 HAN # DK14247.421 Large/ Quick Click $549.00 Shifter Boot Making adjustments to your shift linkage or taking off the shift lever for a motor or transmission change is easy with a JOES Shift Boot. Just unsnap it and you have easy access to the bolts. The Carbon X version is made from fire retardant material with a reflective heat and oil resistant liner. Shift Boot Frame Dimensions, 7-1/2" x 5-1/2". RST #7380-CXSB $99.95 Safety Quick Click Latches Sliding Anchor Posts