290 Fuel Cell If I designed a fuel cell from scratch for Road Course, Autocross & ProTouring this would be it. But the experts at Fuel Safe designed the uniquely shaped 17 gallon shell & inner bladder … for oval track racers … which helps get & keep the fuel mass low & closer to the rear axle. I worked with Fuel Safe to add the features that make it work well for Road Course, Autocross & ProTouring … Carb or EFI. It comes several ways with choices:  Steel or aluminum can (Steel shown here)  Carb or EFI  Single, Dual or No Electric Fuel Pumps mounted in the fuel collector The .063” aluminum can option is simply lighter & nicer looking. It allows you to anodize, paint or powder coat it any color you wish since it comes bare. The 20 gauge (.036”) steel can comes satin black powder coated with Fuel Safe stencil lettering in white, as you see in the photo. The steel can has a round hole & a cover on the passenger side where you see the light gray circle in the phot. The aluminum can does not, as it is solid. The fuel collector is a square insert that sits on the floor of the cell. It is 6” x 6” & about 4” tall with trap doors on 3 sides (left, right & front) for fuel to get into the collector ... where the fuel pick up is. The three trap doors allow fuel in … but not out … trapping fuel in the pickup area to insure steady fuel supply under acceleration and/or cornering. Without a collector, the fuel pickup would be uncovered in high G-cornering with low fuel loads. The Triple Trap Door Collector lets us run down to about ½ to 1 gallon of fuel level. The Autocross & Track Day advantage is running lower, lighter fuel loads for a lower polar moment of inertia. The cell is filled with Foam Baffling (aka Safety Foam) to minimize fuel slosh while providing explosion resistance in a crash. Think of it as three layers of protection … Outer Can, Bladder & Safety Foam. (Photo shown is not the actual shape) Safety