289 Switches Dash Switches Flip Covers verify that the switch is off, when the cover is down, the switch is off. It also helps you turn your car off in an emergency and keeps it from being turned on by accident. RST #7582-FC $11.95 40 amp high capacity ignition switch or accessory switch works for both asphalt and dirt track racing. We treat the back with our rubber sealant to keep out dirt and moisture. RST #7582-OOS $12.95 JOES Heavy Duty Start Button comes standard with a weather proof rubber boot on the front and works great for both asphalt and dirt track racing. We utilize heavy duty contacts and coat the back with our rubber treatment sealing out dirt and moisture. RST #7582-SB $11.95 Master Battery Switch Panel Disconnect your battery in an emergency or use it to help prevent battery drain. RST #7585-MS2 2 Terminal $38.95 RST #7585-MS4 4 Terminal NASA Required $39.95 Battery Cable Kits Kits have everything needed to connect a top post style battery to starter and include fine stranded, rope lay copper cable for best current carrying capabilities. Kits are offered with red and black cables. Kits Include: 15' Positive Battery Cable, 2' Negative Battery Cable, 1 Pr. Battery Terminals, 8 Pcs. Ring Terminals, and 8 Pcs. Heat Shrink Tubing. Dual Battery Kits Include: 25' Positive Battery Cable, 8' Negative Battery Cable, 2 Pr. Battery Terminals, 14 Pcs. Ring Terminals, and 14 Pcs. Heat Shrink Tubing ALL #76114 4 Gauge Wire & Ends $65.99 ALL #76112 2 Gauge Wire & Ends $85.99 Battery Box  Lightweight steel design  Welds to square or rectangle frame rails  Kit comes complete with battery tie down hardware ALL #76100 Full Size, 11-3/4" Wide x 7-1/4" Deep $25.99 ALL #76101 Short Style, 9-1/2" Wide x 7-1/4" Deep $25.99 Switches & Battery