281 Driver Cockpit Accessories Radio Boxes Protect your Radio from damage and vibration in a lightweight package that mounts in seconds. Boxes measure 5" x 3-3/4" x 2-1/2". RST #7470-10 $44.95 Flat Mount RST #7470-2 $44.95 1.5” Clamp RST #7470-4 $44.95 1.75” Clamp Drink Holder Keep a cool drink close at hand while behind the wheel. JOES Drink Holder mounts quickly anywhere on your roll cage. Just tighten two stainless steel cap screws to mount a JOES Drink Holder in seconds. JOES Drink Holder is 8 1/2" high (not including straw). One bottle included. Anodized Gray. RST #7473-10 $14.95 Replacement Bottle RST #7470-2 $44.95 1.5” Clamp RST #7470-4 $44.95 1.75” Clamp RST #7470-4 $44.95 Flat Mount Helmet Hooks Tired of scratching up the old brain bucket by just tossing it into the race car? Hang that skid lid on a JOES Helmet Hook. Simply bolt it to a cross tube on the roll cage and you'll be hooked. Made from 6061-T6 aluminum. RST #7481-2 $16.95 1.5” Clamp RST #7481-3 $16.95 1.625” Clamp RST #7481-4 $16.95 1.75” Clamp Steering Wheel Hook Just like the helmet hook except bigger RST #7480-2 $19.95 1.5” Clamp RST #7480-4 $19.95 1.75” Clamp Go Pro Mounts JOES GoPro Tube mounts are the stable aluminum option that you've been waiting for. No more need to buy plastic versions that won't hold up to racing conditions. Our mounts are solid, eliminating vibration, and swivel for easy positioning. Camera and case not included. RST #7490-125 $139.95 1.25” Mount RST #7490-138 $139.95 1.375” Mount RST #7490-150 $139.95 1.5” Mount RST #7490-163 $139.95 1.625” Mount RST #7490-175 $139.95 1.75” Mount Cockpit Accessories