273 Pedal Accessories Heel Rest JOES Heel Rest holds your foot comfortably in position keeping your driver fresh from start to finish. Mount it to floor to suit your needs. RST #7425-1 $24.95 Brackets & Springs Throttle Return Spring Kit includes everything you need for a reliable return system. Our kit is designed so that you can remove the linkage and the hardware stays attached to the carburetor enduring pieces don't fall in the engine or get lost during tech. The single point mounting bracket is a simple design that works in nearly every application. RST #0950-TRB $14.95 Bracket RST #0950-TRSK $25.95 Spring Kit & Bracket RST #0950-TRSK $6.95 Springs Linkage Kit Carburetor Linkage Assembly includes spring mounting hardware giving you all you need for a smooth throttle return. Includes all the right fasteners to make installing and removing your carburetor as efficient as possible. Bend if desired for fitment, cut to length and tap. 1/4"-28 tap required (not included). RST #0951-TLK $33.95 Throttle Bell Crank Comes complete with a sealed bearing for smooth throttle action. Multiple 3/16" holes with 1/4" spacing give you the adjustment you need. Anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum. RST #0958-JBC $22.95 Floor or Firewall Pedal Mounting Plat  23” wide x 5” tall x 1/8” thick  For Dual Pedal Assemblies ALL #5405 $17.99 Roll Cage Dash Bar Pedal Mounting Plates  Price is for 2 Bracket Kits  For Dual Pedal Assemblies ALL #5406 $9.39 Each – You need 2 Brake & Clutch Pedal Extension Kit  Moves Pedals away from Master Cylinders –OR-  Moves Master Cylinders away from Pedals  Kits for Dual Pedals w/3 Master Cylinders ALL #41050 2” Extension Kit (Left) $97.99 ALL #41051 4” Extension Kit (Right) $109.99 Pedals