272 Throttle Pedals & Accessories Throttle Pedal & Linkage One of the funkiest things to figure out when building a car is the throttle pedal. I love this system if there is room. The floor mounted pedal pivots from the bottom … just like your ankle does. JOES Throttle Pedal Assembly is designed to give you the flexibility you need to get the input from your foot to your carburetor or injection. Our Bell Crank is splined and has multiple holes in the arms so you can get the perfect ratio for smooth acceleration. Combined with the JOES Aluminum Throttle Pedal Assembly & Pull Back and you have a complete system from floor to carburetor. Welding is required to align the plate on the Bell Crank to your firewall or dash bar. RST #7425-A $259.95 Assembly RST #7425-AO $129.95 Pedal Only Throttle Linkage Bell Crank JOES Bell Crank features clamp-on arms with multiple holes to adjust your linkage for a perfect feel. The shaft and bushings are a close fit for smooth operation. Welding required. Now updated with splines to prevent slipping. RST #7425-BC $99.95 Throttle Pedal Pull Back Bar Don’t trust the flippin’ throttle springs with your life. Nothing hurts as bad or is as scary as a throttle stuck wide open. JOES Throttle Pedal Assembly Pull Back bracket, mounts to the pedal so the driver can pull the throttle back in case of a stuck throttle. Throttle Pedal Assembly sold separately. RST #7425-PB $19.95 Throttle Pedal & Linkage Where we don’t have room to place a floor mounted throttle pedal (like above) … mounting this throttle pedal that pivots off the firewall or dash bar is the one to run. The billet arms are anodized and included multiple mounting options for a perfect fit. Multiple throttle rod holes give you your choice for the throttle ratio. Welding is required to align the plate on the Bell Crank to your firewall or dash bar. RST #7425-T $139.95 Pedals