271 Power Steering Pump Did you know most racing and high performance power steering pumps are a rebuilt street car pump? The quality power steering experts at KRC Power Steering have manufactured an All New “Elite Series” Power Steering Pump that is engineered to perform at the levels we need for road course & autocross performance. Not a rebuild. Not a modified street car pump. The new KRC pump is designed & built new from the ground up. CNC machined in Kennesaw, Georgia. The sealed bearings are an upgrade from the standard bushings found in competing power steering pumps. KRC designed the housing to be compact and lightweight. It is an exact swap for all Power Steering Pumps using the common GM Bolt Spread. These new Elite Series Pumps feature KRC’s Changeable Flow Technology – 5 Quick & Easy Change Flow Valves (see below) allow drivers to adapt the steering feel & power assist perfectly from Road Racing to Autocross. KRC has taken the knowledge learned from Pro Race Teams that utilize the KRC Pro Series III Power Steering Pump and transferred the performance gains into an affordable package that is perfect for high performance road race & autocross applications. Reliable KRC Power Steering technology at an affordable price! KRC ESP10096000 Elite Series Pump $299.98 KRC ESP10096100 Elite Series Pump WBolt on Aluminum Tank $399.98 * Comes standard with 2.2 Gallon Per Minute Flow Valve KRC25308000 2.2 Gallon Per Minute Flow Valve $28.98 KRC25309000 2.4 Gallon Per Minute Flow Valve $28.98 KRC25310000 2.65 Gallon Per Minute Flow Valve $28.98 KRC25311000 2.75 Gallon Per Minute Flow Valve $28.98 KRC25312000 2.92 Gallon Per Minute Flow Valve $28.98 * Consult with Ron on what volume you should run for your steering system & usage Steering Changeable Flow Valve