268 Steering Column Accessories Don't Bang your head! Get a JOES Steering wheel pad. It not only makes your race car safer, it looks cool too. Made with high-density foam, Velcro straps and measures 2-1/2” thick. RST #7235-J Pad $39.95 Steering Wheel Spacers Driver comfort is essential to safety & winning races! When the steering wheel is too far away from the driver early fatigue sets in. Fix it with JOES Lightweight Steering Wheel Spacers. ½”, 1”, 1 ½”, & 2” long. 3x 5/16" on a 1-3/4" bolt circle. RST #7225-50 ½” $19.95 RST #7225-100 1” $20.95 RST #7225-150 1 ½” $21.95 RST #7225-200 2” $24.95 Steering Column Support Assemblies JOES Steering Column Support Assemblies are adjustable from the drivers compartment and mount to 1-3/4” tubing. Our steering column assemblies are built from 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum and anodized grey. They also come pre-drilled with holes to accept JOES Steering Column Leg Brace. Designed to clamp on to your 1-1/2" diameter collapsible steering column. RST #7150-C $99.95 Steering Column Support Reducer All JOES column supports are for 1-3/4” Tubing. If you have a 1.50” diameter tube to clamp to … you need a reducer. RST #7150-R Reducer to 1-1/2” $15.95 Steering Shaft Firewall Support Flange & Bearing Allstar 2-Bolt Steel Firewall Support Bearing for 3/4” Steering Shaft ALL #52130 Firewall Flange $14.99 Trick, light 2-bolt Aluminum/Delrin Firewall Support Bearing SWE #405-10405 $63 Steering Shaft Tubing 3/4” x .120” wall DOM Steering Shaft Material ALL #22190 5 Foot $19.99 ALL #22191 6 Foot $21.99 Steering Shaft Tubing Clamp Collars Aluminum 2-Piece 3/4” Steering Shaft Collars  To Prevent Slop at Firewall or rod End Supports ALL #52140 $11.99 Steering