267 Steering Wheels & Adapters Don’t Mess Around with Small Steering Wheels! It makes your driving less precise. – Ron Sutton Covered & Padded Steering Wheel Sparco 15” Suede Racing Wheel with Yellow Centerline  This is a 6-bolt steering wheel  You need the Sweet SWE #801-70065 QR or the Joes Adapter SCO # 015R368MSN $250 Light Steering Wheels Grab on to the lightest JOES Steering Wheels ever. You won't lose your grip on their shot peened, no slip surface. Wheel size is measured from the outside of the tubing. Flat wheels have a slight dish; they are designed for the center to sit flush when lying flat. The slight dish improves the durability of the wheel to prevent bending.  Bolt Pattern: 3x 5/16" on a 1-3/4" and 3x 1/4" on a 1-9/16 Bolt Circle.  Tube Diameter: 1-1/8". 2-1/8” Dish 15” Wheel RST #7200-15-DA Silver $79.95 RST #7200-15-DB Black $79.95 Flat - 1” Dish 15” Wheel RST #7200-15-FA Silver $79.95 RST #7200-15-FB Black $79.95 Sweet Aluminum Quick Release Steering Wheel Mount  Includes Bolt On Splined Coupler for Our Adjustable Columns  No Pin / Simply Compress the Outer Ring to Remove Wheel  Precision Made / Best Feel  3-Bolt Version Fits Standard Racing Steering Wheels  6-Bolt Version Fits Momo, Sparco & Others SWE #801-70031 Coupler & QR for 3-Bolt Wheels $90 SWE #801-70065 Coupler & QR for 6-Bolt Wheels $104 The JOES Steering Wheel adapters will let you bolt a Momo/Sparco 6-bolt European style wheel or a 3-Bolt Grant Style wheel most 3-Bolt Quick Release hubs. RST #7220-1 Momo/Sparco Adapter $69.95 RST #7221-1 Gratnt Adapter $69.95 Steering