266 Collapsible steering column As a big proponent of building safe race cars, I ONLY offer collapsible steering columns. The safety advantage is the steering wheel & column can compress into itself in hard front end collisions. This can prevent the steering wheel & column from crushing a driver’s sternum & ribs. I’ve seen these save people’s lives over the years, so the best way is the only way we sell them. With the right support, you can move the column up & down or in & out to suit you. If you get a kit, everything you need is in there. Kits are on page 270 If you piece your steering system together, you’ll need:  Steering Wheel  Corresponding Quick Release & Bolt On Coupler  Collapsible Column – Pick the length you need  Column Support  Firewall Support Bearing  Inside Cockpit U-Joint – ¾-20 spline to ¾” smooth  ¾” x .120” wall DOM tubing for engine bay steering column  Middle U-Joint where the column kicks down to the rack  .757” ID Rod End to Support the Steering column at the kick down  Rod End Support Bracket to weld to the frame  Straight Coupler or U-Joint at the rack Sweet Collapsible Steering Column  Anodized aluminum outer torque tube  Splined steel shaft inside Delrin sleeves  Can telescope inside the torque tube 8”  Rubber accordion bell included  Light in weight & much stiffer than a 3/4 tube / Provides a stable feel at the steering wheel SWE #405-10001 Adjustable Column 21”-31” $250 SWE #405-10003 Adjustable Column 26”-34” $250 SWE #405-10006 Adjustable Column 29”-37” $250 SWE #405-10009 Adjustable Column 32”-39” $250 How to Measure: 1. First, if you’re utilizing a 3 U-Joint system, with the one U-Joint on the cockpit side of the firewall, like we do, then you can follow these instructions. Otherwise, you’re on your own. 2. We mount the ¾” ID firewall steering column support flange on the outside of the firewall. This makes the articulating monoball protrude into the cockpit about 1/2”. We run the ¾” OD steering column tube from the engine bay through the firewall support flange & into the cockpit … past the articulating monoball 1”. 3. Measure from the driver side of the articulating monoball to where you want the surface of your steering wheel mount to be. Take that number & subtract 3” for the U-joint & tubing. That number is the length of steering column you need. Pick one with range both ways. Steering