264 Interior Sheetmetal Trim this universal Firewall kit to fit any car! Made from 20-gauge steel, 24" tall and 60" wide, and features a 3/4" flange to seal it to the transmission tunnel. Package includes steel cowl cap and A-pillar caps for welding to car body. RST #8750-1 $143.00 Trim this universal kit to fit any car! Made from 20-gauge steel, the firewall is in three pieces and is cut to fit from the package tray down to the floor. It fits above the wheel tubs, and between the wheel tubs to seal off the trunk from the driver compartment. RST #8751-K $125.00 This weld-in tunnel allows you to raise the driveshaft tunnel for more clearance when the car is lowered with a rear subframe installed. Because it's made of 18- gauge steel, this assembly is more durable than some tunnels being sold. Your complete installation kit includes the preformed tunnel and instructions. Tunnel is 7" wide, 10" high, and 48" long. RST #8760-1 $81.00 Universal drivetrain tunnel design fits most chassis and all popular automatic or manual transmissions. Because it's made of premium .040"-thick aluminum, Your complete installation kit includes driver-side and passenger-side transmission tunnel with attached matching floor pieces. PVC coating protects the finish during installation. Tunnel is 28" wide by 27-1/2" long. Driveshaft cover is 28" wide by 36" long. Driveshaft cover is shipped in three pieces. RST #8761-K .040” Aluminum $236.00 RST #8762-K 20-gauge steel $215.00 Transmission Tunnel Cap for T-56 transmission in 1967-69 Camaros and Firebirds - Replaces top of transmission tunnel from firewall to seat crossmember to provide additional clearance for T-56 Magnum transmission. Use With 5916- F10-05 transmission crossmember. RST #8765-1 $101.00 Builder Wheel Tubs 34" Diameter x 21" Wide - 18-gauge steel with 3-1/4" extra skin length per side past end cap. Shipped unassembled for easier installation. RST #8780-K $319.00 Special packaging allows these tubs to be shipped via UPS! These 24x36" tubs are made of and fit all tires under 31" tall. Tubs come with square beads, and feature Pittsburgh seams for easy assembly. Our exclusive contour tool and photo-illustrated instructions are provided. Tubs are shipped unassembled for low freight and ease of installation. Price is for one pair of tubs. Maximum assembled wheel tub width is 23". RST #8781-K 22-gauge steel $139.00 RST #8782-K 032" aluminum $180.00 Sheet Metal