263 Bay Bar Brace Kits If your coil-over shocks mounts to the roll cage engine bay bars … adding a removable brace cross the two bay bars is CRITICAL to control suspension & roll cage flex. Under hard braking the loads on the shock & spring … and bump stops if you run them … bow the roll cage bay bars inward. Yes … there is that much force in a high grip car. Running a single brace (removable) across the two bay bars helps reduce this a ton! A “K-Brace” (like the photo to the right) is even better. They need to look good & be removable. We got you covered. TRICK PART OF THE YEAR ! The heart of our engine bay bar kits is this special made, cool looking, highly functional Bay Bar Brace Spud Assembly we came up with. It is simple, good looking & easy to work with.  The upper housing has a cool looking 45° Cut  The tall end is 1.5” to easily weld 7/8” OD brace tubing to it  The base is already milled to fit 1-3/4” OD Round Tubing  These weld to your engine bay roll cage bars  The upper housing has a convex shape that automatically centers itself on the concave surface of the base.   The base is drilled & tapped for a 3/8 NC allen head bolt  A stainless steel allen head bolt attaches the top to the base. GT K-Bar Brace Kit  4 of the Bay Bar Base/Housing/Bolt Assemblies  6’ of 7/8” x .065” 4130 Chromoly Tubing to make the K-Bar RST #8730-GT-KT $169.96 GT K-Bar Brace Kit  4 of the Bay Bar Base/Housing/Bolt Assemblies  No Tubing / Provide Your Own RST #8730-GT-K $119.96 Individual Bay Bar Base/Housing/Bolt Assemblies RST #8730-K $29.99 Roll Cages