260 Track-WARRIOR Roll cages Ron Sutton configured this cage design for our Track-Warrior car. It adds a tremendous amount of additional safety, strength & chassis rigidity EXACTLY where the forces are. No wasted weight but all the strength to exact the last ounce of performance out of your track car. Available for a wide range of cars, not just Track-Warrior builds. In addition to the AutoX-Warrior cage ... the Track-Warrior cage has:  Full X in the Door Bars  3 1-1/4" x .065 DOM braces on the bay bars for high front grip load cars  Full X in the Main Hoop (Double SCCA/NASA Diagonal Bar)  Center hoop roof bar adds an extra level of safety  2nd bar below the Seat/Harness Bars for needed 3-Link forces  2nd bar below the Dash Bar for engine/trans mounting  2 additional braces to triangulate the rear down bars to the main hoop Part # Description/Application 8650-TW CUSTOM 8662-TW GM CHEVY II 62-67 8664-TW GM A-BODY 64-67 8665-TW MUSTANG 64-66 8666-TW C10 TRUCK 63-72 8668-TW GM X-BODY 68-74 8669-TW GM F-BODY 67-69 8670-TW MUSTANG 67-70 8672-TW GM A-BODY 68-72 8673-TW GM A-BODY 73-77 8677-TW GM F-BODY 70-81 8678-TW GM G-BODY 78-88 8682-TW GM F-BODY 82-92 8693-TW GM F-BODY 93-02 All Packages Can Be Customized to Meet Your Needs  Custom Cages Cost $50 More / We Send You Measuring Instructions & a Form  Order roll cage as is, or add tubing, frame rail material & crossmembers that you want  Add a AutoX-Warrior DOM Roll Cage to any kit for $799 / 4130/DOM = $1199 Upgrade Any Roll Cage to 4130 Chromoly Center Cage & Door Bars for $300 ONLY $999 Roll Cages