258 AUTOX-WARRIOR Roll cages This Ron Sutton configured cage design is excellent for autocross & road course track day cars:  This is the only item you can add to your car that will make your quicker, handle better, be more responsive on corner turn in, make your tuning more predictable .. lower your lap times … and increase safety to the driver & passenger  The main hoop & roof hoop are made specifically for your car model  The seat mount & harness bar can be located at the height you need  The diagonal brace from the lower passenger side to the top of the main hoop behind the driver’s head adds a great deal of safety and meets SCCA & NASA cage requirements  All cage material is 1-3/4” OD x .120” wall DOM seamless tubing (except Engine Bay Bars). No electro-seam welded tubing here! Engine bay bars are intentionally made out of a thinner 1-3/4” x .095” wall to provide a slight crush zone in the front, in case of head on impacts  The door bar design offers a combination of ease of entering & exiting the cockpit, while adding a great degree of safety with side impacts  Roof hoop & A-pillar bars add a great deal of chassis rigidity over a “roll bar”  The main diagonal door bar mounts in the middle of driver’s upper arm, below the shoulder  The door bar lower rail, and two triangulation braces ad a great degree of chassis rigidity  The rear down tubes can be run parallel (shown in the illustration) or as an X-Brace to the rear frame & shock crossmember  The dash bar adds additional chassis rigidity & side impact strength  The engine bay bars add a huge degree of front end chassis rigidity and front end grip to all cars helping reduce the massive front frame flex found in all high grip cars Roll Cages